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Eagles Mere: Grounded in Nature

The footbridge at the lake in Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania.

Located in the endless mountains region of Pennsylvania, the town of Eagles Mere is a haven of relaxation. Everywhere you look, you are surrounded in greenery and nature. From the tranquil, glasslike lake to the forested hiking paths to the historic small town, Eagles Mere is a wonderful place to vacation. I have been making the drive up to Eagles Mere with my family for as long as I can remember, and before that, my mother and her family grew up coming to Eagles Mere in the summers as well.

The Eagles Mere sign outside the town.

Eagles Mere is a place that I associate with the most memorable summers of my life. From my family and I carving our initials into Lover's Leap - a large rock overlooking the lake from the trail - to numerous drippy ice cream cones at the Sweet Shop to fried dinners at the Barn with my family, I have fond memories of the little town by the lake. The crystal-clear lake has been the home of many sailing expeditions on a little Sunfish boat with my dad, and frantic races with my friends out to the floating dock for fear of being nibbled by a trout. I've spent countless hours biking around the Park and sojourning the shops in town to pass the time. I've had many ice-cold lemonades at the Jolly Trolley, and I make it a mission to buy a new book at the Eagles Mere Bookstore every time I visit the town.

I've brought many friends with me to Eagles Mere at different points in time, and each time, my friends are astonished by the timeless peacefulness of the quaint town. Eagles Mere has always been a constant in my life, yet it has never lost its allure. It reminds me of fictional towns like Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls - a place that, no matter how much time has passed since your last visit, will always feel like home.

The dock at dusk.

I attribute Eagles Mere to my love of nature and respect for the planet. I've grown up hiking in forests and exploring parks with my parents, and Eagles Mere is no different. The natural waterfalls at Rickett's Glen and other nearby parks, the waterlily-filled outlet pond, and lush green lawn scattered with blueberry bushes all remind of how ethereal and truly beautiful the earth is. Eagles Mere is a place that centers me and helps me remember my perspective; all worries and problems fade away after the familiar drive through town on the way to our cottage.

Me imitating a display at the Eagles Mere Museum.

Eagles Mere is ripe with history, too. In its heyday during the Victorian Era, it was a sort of Pennsylvanian Catskills. Many people would flock to one of the numerous summer resorts - the Crestmont, the Lakeside, and the Forest Inn, to name some - and spend time at the lake enjoying activities like water sports, sailing regattas, and water carnivals. The playhouse, next to the Forest Inn, was a spot where many famous actors of the 1900s came to perform. Additionally, the Eagles Mere Museum is one of the best spots in town. You can learn pretty much anything about the history of the town, and there's even a large-scale model of the lake and town with a miniature train running around it on the top floor.

Eagles Mere is a wonderful town. It's laid-back, but there's always a trail to hike or a museum to explore. It is a wonderful vacation spot for anyone looking for inspiration, whether that be in nature, history, or life in general. If you're driving through Pennsylvania and happen to be nearby, it is worth a stop.

One example of the beautiful floral life in Eagles Mere.


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